Model for “La petites Catherine d'Hebron, ou, l'épreuve du feu” by Heinrich Kleist

“The little Catherine, or, the fire ordeal” 

This epic play, bringing us from caves to forests and castles, is a romantic fantasy medieval telenovela. The main character, Catherine, finds herself with visions, of the man she will love and who will love her. She begins a journey after she meets him in her hometown. The choice to keep a simple graphic, yet modular set enables the audience to follow with simple movements the unfolding complex narrative.

St. Joseph’s church in the Havre (France) by Auguste Perret

Hearing the movement


This installation is an experimentation on how to use unconventional spaces for live performances and how other senses could be used to perceive. The layers of the loose pearl curtains become this vulnerable structure that will be activated by the performers to reveal them in unpredictable ways.

Périphéries des centres 


This video project started with filming inside models, where walls became subjects and the camera became an eye reacting to lights and movements.